A Partnership for Children

Whether they’re sick, injured, suffering from a behavioral disorder, or recovering from a substance abuse problem, every child has a right to an education. Unfortunately, a child’s risk of academic failure increases with every extended absence. We help you mitigate that risk.

At education, inc., we believe that providing hospital classrooms or bedside tutors can dramatically increase a student-patient’s ability to thrive when they make the transition back to school. What’s more, we believe the education component helps students maintain a sense of normalcy during this period, ultimately having a positive impact on the overall healing process. We provide a customized educational program to each healthcare organization we work with, creating a partnership between the healthcare professionals, schools, and families to help each child on the road to wellness.

We’re all working towards the same goal. We’d love to collaborate with you and help more kids on their journey of recovery.

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Engaging Student-Patients through a Positive Learning Experience

Learn how the Rockford Center Partial Program was able to keep kids engaged in the classroom leveraging our program.

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Make a Lasting Impact on a Child’s Education

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"…Prior to having the EI program, we had many kids who would do anything to resist the time in the classroom. Now the kids look forward to that time."

Rockford Center: Partial Program

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for educational continuity for student-patients, we understand your unique set of challenges. Contact us to learn more about how education inc. can help you achieve your (and their) goals today.

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