Personalized Education for All Student-Patients

We take the worry of education continuity away from families and healthcare organizations like yours. We help kids stay on top of (or catch up on) school work, and gain the ability to quickly return to school by practicing being in class.


Bridge the Gap Between Education & Care

You focus on clinical, we’ll handle the education. We help you put a program into place, meet compliance rules and regulations, and support patient referrals by allowing you to provide both treatment and education.


From Hospital to Home, All Kids Can Learn

Our mission? To make sure that every child who needs care is able to continue to receive an education. We provide specialized teachers, tutors, and programs to behavioral health hospitals and clinics, rehabilitation centers, medical hospitals, and in-home programs.


Uniting the entire student-patient ecosystem:

Behavioral Health Hospitals

Your student-patients need personalized lesson plans that keep them engaged, yet have enough structure to capture their attention.

Medical Hospitals

You need a program that allows you to deliver the right education to students, allowing you to focus on what you do best: care.

Rehabilitation Centers & Facilities

Provide students in your care with structured, yet individualized, instruction that supports the work you’re doing to help them heal.

School Districts

With monthly check-ins and quarterly updates, you get regular and clear communication from enrollment to performance to discharge. 


Receive a tailored and structured education program that is built around your child’s individual needs.


Join a team that strives to deliver the best education in the field; in a culture designed to promote your students’ success.

We are the unparalleled leader in providing K-12 educational programs to student-patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, behavioral health hospitals, and in-home programs.

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Why Partner with education inc.?

Developing and administering educational programs for student-patients can pose a challenge for hospitals, behavioral health hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and school systems. At education inc., our mission is to bring together all concerned parties to accomplish a common goal: to make sure that every child being treated receives the quality education they need. 

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Featured Success Story

Working with education inc. allows the school component of the program to be managed by people who are experts in education rather than expecting therapists to be experts in education.

Ima Jean SmithRockford Center

They are not satisfied with the kids simply attending school— they are only satisfied when the youth are engaged with the teachers as well as the other students during the lessons.

Heather JonesKennedy University Hospital

The fact that I’ve been told that 100% of our kids have their school work is amazing and definitely shows that there's an improvement and things are successful.

DirectorHealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for education continuity for student-patients, we understand your unique set of challenges. Contact us to learn more about how education inc. can help you achieve your (and their) goals today.

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